Romani Walk sponsorship packages

For some time, we’ve wanted to offer sponsorship packages for those who’d like to support this year’s Romani Walk. Have a look at the options below. Hopefully, one of them will take your fancy. Remember, you can donate from anywhere in the world: the giving site can accept donations in any currency, by converting them to pounds sterling.

Many thanks from Ben, Tony and Russ.

Reward packages for sponsoring the Romani Walk:

£25 wins you a DVD of the finished documentary, ‘Mud, Sweat and Tears: the Romani in Italy’; your name mentioned in the credits, and a signed photo of the three lads.

£50 wins you a framed 4”/10cm square of chain mail from the mail shirt worn at various stages by all three authors, a replica bronze phallus amulet, and all of the above prizes.

£100 wins you two tickets to the premiere of the documentary, a signed set of all the books by each author, and all of the above prizes.

£250 wins you four tickets to the premiere, a day’s walk along Hadrian’s Wall with at least one of the authors, and all of the above prizes.

£500 wins you all of the above prizes, and a replica Roman sword worth more than £125 (Note: only three swords available.)

There are also packages available for donations greater than £500. Please ask Ben for more details.


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