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Aieee. The winner of the bronze Roman bracelet is ‘Amazon customer’! Thanks to their wishlist, however, I can reveal it’s in the name of ‘Mr..

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Because so many of you have been brilliant and generous, and left reviews all over the shop for Hannibal books one and two, I’m going to do a..

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Hardrada's Saga by Giles Kristian

I’ve loved this saga-like retelling of Harald Hardrada by Giles Kristian. I heard him read it out at Kelmarsh in 2011, and it’s still as powerful..

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Divers return to famous Antikythera wreck to hunt for treasures

Sometimes I think I should have been an archaeologist.

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Roman Conspiracy: This COOL Short Will Take You Back in Time - Live History Fans

Nice short Roman film, set in Dacia… (try to ignore the awful bracer, and lack of subarmalis (padding under the armour).) http://livehistoryfans.com/roman-conspiracy-this-cool-short-will-take-you-back-in-time/

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