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Wardruna - AnsuR

Want some good battle music to write to- or just to listen to? Look no further than incredible Norwegian band Wardruna! #Viking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUH7CqJcaM0..

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Finishing a 3D, 2,000 year-old Roman jigsaw puzzle: the Hallaton helmet unveiled

A decade on from its discovery, a first century AD Roman helmet goes on display – this was from a few years ago, but I hadn’t been aware of it..

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When you spend 1.5 hours helping your son find pieces of a dismantled Lego set in -> 2 large baskets of Lego pieces. That. #ShouldBeWriting

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Extraordinary ancient shaped hot water bottles. 1st C BC. Paphos Museum. Huge thanks to Gareth Harney for the pic.

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Events Range

I’ll be talking all things Rome with Anthony Riches in Gateshead on the evening of Friday 23rd October. Tickets a bargain at £3! https://online.gateshead.gov.uk/EventTicketsOnline/pages/eventdetails.aspx?ky=3206

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