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Heaven* ** *Posts may be few and far between for the next week. Happy holidays, you lovely people! **I’m catching up with Toby Clements’ stunning..

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Giveaway! These are duplicate copies of textbooks I have. The Roman World is still in its wrapper. If you live in the UK*, and would like to..

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Anyone want two tickets for Midnight Oil in Frankfurt next Tuesday night, the 18th? Going for face value (42 Euros/£28 each), or less…

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New cache of Roman letters discovered at Hadrian's Wall

Wow! The first letters found at Vindolanda in more than 25 years have come to light. One refers to the same soldier, Musclus, who in a previously..

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LIONS! Well done, lads. A shame that you didn’t beat the ABs, but from the commentary I’ve gleaned, it was a good result to get. I look forward..

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