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Scientists use X-rays to read ancient scrolls hidden and preserved in Pompeii

I cannot wait to see what’s discovered from these documents in Pompeii! http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/scientists-use-x-rays-read-ancient-scrolls-hidden-and-preserved-pompeii

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Less than 24 hours since I uninstalled Facebook and Twitter from my phone. No wifi in my office still. Talk about a feeling of liberation! Should..

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I suspect not many people have to think, ‘Don’t forget coat and sword before you walk out the door’!

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Like to hear me give a talk? Ask your local library (UK only, I’m afraid) to contact me*. When I’m promoting a new book (=May next year), I’ll..

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You know what, makers of The Walking Dead, you might think that endless close ups of the major characters, and mind-numbing, pseudo-Shakespeare..

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