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Cooked up some turkey leg for school lunch sandwiches, and was impressed by the amount of stock left in the roasting dish. Not to waste it, and..

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'So shocked': customer wins bookshop in raffle

What a heartwarming story! (I will make it my business to visit Bookends next time I’m in Wales.) https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/sep/11/customer-wins-bookends-bookshop-raffle-cardigan-west-wales

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Inside Greece's first smart city: 'Now you don't need to know a politician to get something done'

The city of Trikka featured in Clash of Empires. I’d love to know what Philip V of Macedon (and Flamininus!) would have made of this ‘digital’..

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Calling all you lovely people in North America and everywhere else in the world that uses Amazon.com – Clash of Empires is a mere 99c on Kindle!..

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Hoard of Roman artefacts found by veteran divers 'is treasure'

The past just keeps on giving and giving – in this case, the River Tees, near Darlington in County Durham, at the site of a Roman bridge. http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/16609198.hoard-of-roman-artefacts-found-by-veteran-divers-is-treasure/

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