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For the First Time Ever, Rome's Barberini Tomb is Now Open to the Public

Another place to visit in Italy – a 2nd C BC family tomb, just opened to the public… http://mentalfloss.com/article/519238/first-time-ever-romes-barberini-tomb-now-open-public

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Saturnalia fun time! Please post your best Xmas pics* in the comments section, or on my page… *They need to have a Roman theme – a statue,..

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Ruins of Jerusalem hall shed light on Roman-era gatherings

I think the journalist meant ‘theatre’, not ‘amphitheatre’, but never mind! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-archaeology-jerusalem/ruins-of-jerusalem-hall-shed-light-on-roman-era-gatherings-idUSKBN1CL1FZ

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Peaky Blinders versus Walking Dead? No contest. It’s so nice to see a home-grown TV programme beating an American one hands down. Usually, it’s..

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The Ben Kane Lecture: Massacre in the Forest

Here’s the second part, you lovely people…

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