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To be fair, what 22 year old would know who Nick Cave is? I doubt most 30 year olds know…

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Timeline Photos

This is my world: Read the two books in the background, but not the Philip V of Macedon one. Written in 1939, it’s regarded as one of the seminal..

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When the dead could not be recovered from a battlefield, the Athenians (and I assume other Greeks) would erect an empty tomb – a kenotaphion..

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BCfm Radio

Got nothing better to do between 1100 and 1200 this morning? Listen to an interview with me on Bristol’s BCfm radio – link to listen online on..

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Most of you will know that the word ‘spartan’ comes from the austere Spartan lifestyle, but did you know that ‘laconic’ comes from their terse..

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