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This picture is from last year, but the set up was the same last night when I filtered my raspberry vodka. It tastes great. Hic! Roll on the..

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The Arena (A short story)

Immerse yourself in the world of the Eagles of Rome series on 28th January, when my new digital short story, The Arena, will be released, FREE…

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Lucky for you, eh, teenager in the beaten up Golf, that I was ahead of you as we went past that mobile speed camera? #BeenScrewedOtherwise

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Blow me down. I have been invited to accept an honorary Doctor of Letters degree by Bristol University!

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Gladiator Soundtrack "Elysium", "Honor Him", "Now We Are Free"

#SevenSongsInSevenDays Day Seven: My final song: Elysium. The film Gladiator had an immense impact on me.It helped to inspire me to write Roman..

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