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Eagles in the Wilderness SHORT story (Eagles of Rome series): A Tullus 'long' short story

You like Centurion Tullus? Check out my new short story about him – Eagles in the Wilderness. Set almost 3 years after the events of Eagles in..

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Because of the scumbags who knocked me off my bike, and because I want to spread the love, I’m giving away 13 signed paperbacks of Clash of Empires…

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To Paris… The Napoleon epic begins tomorrow. (I’ll only be riding for the first week, but talking about Napoleon’s disastrous invasion of Russia..

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Oh my bloody life. Napoleon. France. Russia. 1812. What a story. I had not fully appreciated the incredible story of La Grande Armée until reading..

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Clash of Empires: A thrilling novel about the Roman invasion of Greece

Ahoy, you lovely people in the USA! Clash of Empires is now only 99c on Kindle! Kindle daily deal for all of July… https://www.amazon.com/Clash-Empires-thrilling-invasion-Greece-ebook/dp/B071ZYWNNR/

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