Tues. 16th June: Competition time!

The Silver Eagle has been out for nearly two weeks now, and it’s selling really well I’m glad to say. Amazon started selling it a week before the release date, and it notched up over 700 copies that week, entering the bestseller charts at no. 22. The second week (first ‘official’ week) it also sold over 700 copies, and I have to find out later this week how it’s doing now. It’s all good though. Ediciones B, the Spanish publisher of The Forgotten Legion (La Legion Olvidada!) has bought The Silver Eagle as well, which is good news.

And so to a competition. No amazing cars, foreign holidays or cash prizes, I’m afraid. I’m offering two copies of The Silver Eagle – first edition, in pristine condition, signed and lined and dated by me.¬†Something to put in the cupboard and flog in a few years (just to give you an idea – similar copies of The Forgotten Legion are aleady selling for ¬£50. I know, I’m gobsmacked too!). So the two lucky people who win a copy might have a book worth something in the future.

ONLY the people who have subscribed to the site can enter the competition, and let’s keep this fair. Please don’t email the details to all your friends. I’d like to do right by you guys/gals and want you to do the same by me. You’re also far more likely to win if less people enter!

Check the ‘Free Stuff’ page for the competition…

Also check out the ‘Events’ page to see where I’m appearing over the summer. A new date just in is the 12th of July at Caerleon Roman fortress.

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