Steven Pressfield has given me a quote for Spartacus! HURRAH!

Breaking news: Steven Pressfield, author of the truly amazing book about Thermopylae, Gates of Fire, has agreed to quote on my upcoming book, Spartacus: The Gladiator! I am utterly over the moon. Gates of Fire is one of my favourite novels. It’s one of those books that is so powerful that I can still remember where and when I devoured it in 2001. If you haven’t read it, please go out and buy a copy. It’s outstanding, IMHO. So too are his other books. May I offer you a huge “Thank you”, Steven! Your generous quote means an incredible amount to me and is a fantastic endorsement to my book.

“Gritty, passionate and violent, this thrilling book is a real page-turner and a damn good read. It brings Spartacus – and ancient Rome – to vivid, colorful life.” Steven Pressfield, international bestselling author of Gates of Fire.

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  1. annis
    Posted 21 October 2011 at 19:52 | Permalink

    What a great endorsement! I’ve just pre-ordered “Spartacus” from BD, btw- can’t wait 🙂

  2. Ben Kane
    Posted 21 October 2011 at 19:55 | Permalink

    @annis: I am still so chuffed about it! Thanks a lot for ordering Spartacus, and I really hope that you like it. 32,000 words into the sequel as of this evening…

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