Sat. 3rd April: Exhibition in Rome & Book News

Saw these nice photos of (mainly) gladiator helmets from an exhibition in Rome on another forum. Have a look here.

On another note, I have very nearly reached 120,000 words in the manuscript of Soldier of Carthage. All being well, I will finish the first draft this month – about 145-150k words, and then start editing. I aim to have it all done in May/June, and it will hopefully be coming out in the early part of 2011 here in the UK. It concerns 7 main protagonists – a young Carthaginian called Hanno, his 2 brothers and father, and a young Roman called Quintus, his sister Aurelia, and father. Set in 220 BC, it follows their story right up until the battle at the Trebia in late 218 BC. The second novel, Legionary, will run from the end of the first book, until the aftermath of Cannae…

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