Nearly time to go to Australia

It seems an age since I was asked to co-tutor two writing retreats in Tasmania in February this year. Now that time is almost here. Thankfully, I’ve gained a foothold in my new novel, which is called Eagles at War. It’s the first part of a new trilogy, about the men who were involved in the so-called Varian or Kalkriese disaster. This defeat, in 9 CE, saw Rome lose three entire legions in the wilds of Germania. It was a massive humiliation to an empire that had expanded vastly under the first emperor, Augustus. One of the main results was that Rome gave up on trying to conquer Germania, a decision that sent repercussions right down to the current day.

I’ll be in Australia for all of February, but will endeavour to keep up with your comments here on the site, and to post some thoughts from the writing retreat, and pics of me training for the Romani Walk 2014…which will take place at the end of April, in Italy…

Don’t forget that my new novel, Hannibal: Clouds of War, is released in the UK on February 27th. You can pre-order a copy here or from Waterstone’s, which is cheaper, here. I hope that you enjoy it! It releases soon afterwards in Australia, NZ, Canada and S. Africa. Sadly, if you live in the USA, you’ll need to order it from overseas, as it won’t be out there for about 2-3 years. This is due to the different publishing schedule of my US publisher, over which I have no control. Sorry, and thanks for understanding.

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  1. John Salter
    Posted 15 January 2014 at 15:11 | Permalink

    Can’t wait for the new series Ben, the Varus disaster is fascinating to say the least. Enjoy Australia, hopefully it’ll have cooled off a bit by the time you get there!

  2. Ben Kane
    Posted 15 January 2014 at 23:01 | Permalink

    @John: Thanks, mate!

  3. PabloSP
    Posted 21 January 2014 at 15:19 | Permalink

    hi ben, good luck in your trip… it’s sad to know that it will took so long to reach USA, because it will take longer to reach Argentina.

  4. Sebastian
    Posted 24 January 2014 at 22:17 | Permalink

    La verdad acabo de leer Espartaco y quiero felicitar a Ben Kane por sus novelas (he leido todas o casi todas) y las formas como están escritas. Soy un lector empedernido y he encontrado en Kane la mejor forma de acercarme a esa historia del mundo antiguo que tanto me fascina. Te hace sentir parte de la misma.

    Nuevamente mis felicitaciones, soy de Paranà, Provincia de Entre Rìos, Repùblica Argentina.

  5. Ben Kane
    Posted 25 January 2014 at 21:46 | Permalink

    @Sebastian: muchas gracias – eres muy amable! Saludos. Ben.

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