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If you would like to join discussions about my books or just see what I’m working on right now, please head over to my Facebook page. You can preview some of the most recent posts below:

That ten gigs I have been to thing, one of which is a lie… 1: SinĂ©ad O’Connor 2: Bob Dylan 3: Midnight Oil 4: Tracy Chapman 5: U2 6: Queen..

11 likes, 14 comments19 hours ago

Ancient stone carvings confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC, sparking the rise of civilisations

Ancient stone carvings in Turkey reveal that a comet struck Earth almost 11,000 years ago, and *possibly* caused a mini Ice Age, which forced..

50 likes, 1 comments2 days ago

If there’s a screen baddy as fantastic as the Swede in Hell on Wheels, I can’t think of one. An absolutely incredible actor!

17 likes, 9 comments3 days ago

Another Greek question: can anyone tell me the meaning of the name Lake Ostrovo (also known as Lake Vegoritida) in modern-day Macedonian Greece?..

6 likes, 10 comments3 days ago

The winners of the USA/Canada/Oz/NZ/SA/rest of world copies of Eagles in the Storm are: Regina Greidanus and Dan Bartal! Commiserations to all..

9 likes, 2 comments3 days ago

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