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If you would like to join discussions about my books or just see what I’m working on right now, please head over to my Facebook page. You can preview some of the most recent posts below:

For the First Time Ever, Rome's Barberini Tomb is Now Open to the Public

Another place to visit in Italy – a 2nd C BC family tomb, just opened to the public… http://mentalfloss.com/article/519238/first-time-ever-romes-barberini-tomb-now-open-public

28 likes, 0 comments2 days ago

Saturnalia fun time! Please post your best Xmas pics* in the comments section, or on my page… *They need to have a Roman theme – a statue,..

22 likes, 8 comments4 days ago

Ruins of Jerusalem hall shed light on Roman-era gatherings

I think the journalist meant ‘theatre’, not ‘amphitheatre’, but never mind! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-archaeology-jerusalem/ruins-of-jerusalem-hall-shed-light-on-roman-era-gatherings-idUSKBN1CL1FZ

29 likes, 1 comments1 week ago

Peaky Blinders versus Walking Dead? No contest. It’s so nice to see a home-grown TV programme beating an American one hands down. Usually, it’s..

92 likes, 23 comments2 weeks ago

The Ben Kane Lecture: Massacre in the Forest

Here’s the second part, you lovely people…

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