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If you would like to join discussions about my books or just see what I’m working on right now, please head over to my Facebook page. You can preview some of the most recent posts below:

The moment when you land in Nice, receive the offer of a free pint in a local pub part-owned by a friend, and calculate that you haven’t got..

20 likes, 3 comments2 weeks ago

Nice, then Corsica, here I come! #ThreeIslands

22 likes, 4 comments2 weeks ago

Antikythera shipwreck yields bronze arm – and hints at spectacular haul of classical statues

Such exciting news from the island of Antikythera, where the mysterious Antikythera mechanism was found in 1900. The seabed around the island..

44 likes, 0 comments2 weeks ago

Drumroll… The winner of the final draft of Clash of Empires is… Nicola Williams! Many thanks to so many of you who donated to enter the raffle…

9 likes, 1 comments2 weeks ago

It’s rare to find useful sayings from 2,000 years ago, and when I happen upon a good one, it’s like hitting the jackpot. A gem from ancient Greece,..

45 likes, 17 comments2 weeks ago

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