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If you would like to join discussions about my books or just see what I’m working on right now, please head over to my Facebook page. You can preview some of the most recent posts below:

Bronze age meals in the marshes – seasoned with parasitic worms

Ten metre long fish tapeworms? Giant kidney worms? Euuwww. Twouldn’t have been much fun. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/aug/16/bronze-age-meals-in-the-marshes-seasoned-with-parasitic-worms

30 likes, 8 comments1 month ago

Just some of the textbooks I used while writing Lionheart. It’s been amazing fun writing it. The finished manuscript is in the middle…and I..

177 likes, 55 comments1 month ago

'Sorcerer's treasure trove' found in Pompeii

80 likes, 8 comments1 month ago

Burrington Bad Ass backed by bikers after burglary

Called in here during a ride yesterday. So glad I helped out a bit. The chap who runs the shop told me that he would have closed but for the..

24 likes, 0 comments1 month ago

Gave away three more copies of Clash of Empires on Twitter, in a ‘Lucky Accident-on-Purpose’ competition. Lots of great comments. Amazing how..

42 likes, 3 comments1 month ago

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