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A new book! A Day Of Fire…

About a year ago, I got approached by Kate Quinn, an American author who also writes about ancient Rome. She had a fantastic proposition: to write a 6 part novel, from multiple points of view, about what happened in Pompeii during the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. It took a while to […]

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A fascinating archaeological find…

More proof that the Romans continued to campaign deep into Germany for years if not centuries after the Kalkriese/Varian disaster…read about it here. (with thanks to Adrian Murdoch for the link)

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Romani Walk sponsorship packages

For some time, we’ve wanted to offer sponsorship packages for those who’d like to support this year’s Romani Walk. Have a look at the options below. Hopefully, one of them will take your fancy. Remember, you can donate from anywhere in the world: the giving site can accept donations in any currency, by converting them […]

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Would you like to be a character in my next book?

Would you like to star in my next novel, Eagles at War, which is about the massacre of three Roman legions in the German forests in 9 AD? A £10 donation to the charitable Romani Walk buys you one chance to win the chance to become a minor character in Eagles at War. If you […]

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